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How Much Do Math Tutors Charge per Hour?

First of all, it is worth pointing out that it is common for a lesson, or tutorial, to be less than 1 hour in duration. A more common duration is 40 to 50 minutes. So if you are arranging to get tutoring help please establish how long each tutorial will be before comitting yourself to an agreeement. So, how much do math tutors charge per hour (or more correctly, per lesson or tutorial)?

The rate that you can expect to pay for math tutoring varies a great deal, ranging from 15 to 20 USD for the case of a college student with little or no experience, to as much as 100 USD for a tutor with decades of experience. Clearly, there is a wide range inbetween. You can investigate exact rates charged by math tutors in your area by clicking the image below. You will be asked to enter your zipcode for the search. Browse the tutor's profiles and for those that seem appropriate to you, simply send an e-mail to those tutors for more information, by clicking on the button the tutor's profile.

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There are two very important things are critical to bear in mind when finding the right tutor that best fits your needs and budget:

1. Do not discount tutors who charge the lowest rates: you have to scrutinize each tutor yourself. It is very important to remember that the ability of a tutor to establish a good rapport with the student and the ability of the tutor to present and explain topics that the student is particularly receptive to, can be just as important (if not more) than the number of years of experience alone. It may be that a college student may be very talented at teaching math, good at getting across concepts to the target age group, and may have an ability to make math fun, but the tutor simply has not got the number of years of experience to command a greater rate. Tutors at this stage also need to develop a portfolio of successful outcomes.

2. At the other extreme, do not assume that if you pay the highest-rates that you will get the best possible tutoring experience. In other words, for example, do not assume that you paying 100 USD per lesson will guarantee that you will get better results than paying 40 USD per lesson. You must do your own due dilligence, which involves background reference checks, and talking with the tutor. Still, it is not always possible to make that judgement without embarking upon an actual tutorial, since the student-tutor combination demands a synergy that is “just right.” This is one feature of Wyzant tutoring that is particularly useful: if you are not satisfied with the first lesson, you don't pay anything, so you can try a tutor at no risk to you. They have literally tens of thosands of tutors in the USA, and you can find one near you by clicking on one of the images or links on this page. Browse through the tutor profiles and choose the ones that you think suit your needs and send each tutor on e-mail requesting more information using the button-link in the each tutor's profile.

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If you have standardized tests and/or multiple-choice tests coming up, be sure to establish that a potential tutor has experience with the particular exam or test that you are taking, as well as experience in the special techniques that are required to maximize your peformance in math multiple-choice exams. Examples of such standardized tests are the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and GED, to name only a few.

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